The ARC (Assess, Respond, Care ) model is fundamentally underpinned by Valuing People 2009 and the Department of Health’s Positive and Proactive Care (2014). The ARC Model aims to support staff working in Health & Social Care and educational settings in England to develop skills and knowledge in relation to supporting children and adults who have complex support needs  and behaviours that can be described as challenging associated with Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Condition, Dementia and Mental Health issues.

ARC training places a strong emphasis on Behavioural theory and the principles of ‘proactive support’ ‘least restrictive and last resort’ strategies. Embedded within the model are BILD Postive Behaviour Support Principles(PBSP) and Core Competency Framework and the Restraint Reduction Network Standards(RRN).

ARC is a model which promotes Positive Behaviour Support Principles and has been designed for use with adults and children. It encompasses theory content that focuses on Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Interventions, offering a range of de-escalation strategies, personal protection and safe holding techniques, designed and nationally accredited consistent with supporting adults and children across health, social care and education with dignity and respect.

ARC offers 3 levels of complimentary training depending upon the needs of your organisation and staff members. Please follow the links below for further information.

ARC  1- Assess, Respond, Care – Entry Level

ARC  2- Assess, Respond, Care – Train the Trainer

ARC  3- Appraise, Reflect, Change – Post incident debrief training

The ARC model is an established model of De-escalation Strategies, Personal Protection and Safe Holding which has been developed by highly experienced practitioners in the field of Learning Disabilities and Mental Health. Our ARC trainers have many years experience of delivering accredited breakaway and physical intervention training.

We aim to ensure that learners who achieve accreditation with our ARC model courses are provided with continuous assessment and up to date knowledge via mandatory annual refresher courses.

ARC training is endorsed by Skills for Care and has achieved BILD accreditation in September 2017.

In March 2020 B-inspired’s ARC model has bees certified by BILD Association of Certified Training as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards.