Appraise Reflect Change

 Course Title  ARC 3 (Appraise/Reflect/Change)
 Category  Training session
 Price Contact us for pricing details
 Duration 3 hours (09.30hrs till 12.30hrs) (13.00hrs till 16.00hrs)
 Venue / Setting TBC – (either provider venue or locality based)
 Minimum number of participants 12*
 Level e.g. Awareness / Advanced Theory & Practice (working model for support staff and managers)
 Certificate e.g. Certificate of Achievement Certificate of attendance

Course Description

ARC 3 is a half day theory & practice model for support staff and managers. The training provides staff teams with a better understanding of the behaviour incident de-briefing process. The training covers 3 key elements from the perspective of the person supported; support staff and managers within health, education and social care services. The training uses real workplace scenarios from a range of behavioural incidents and teaches staff and managers how to effectively appraise and reflect on serious incidents before implementing positive changes.

Course Aims

  • ARC 3 training sessions explore the benefits of an effective incident de-brief process and provides learners with methods to overcome the natural workplace barriers.
  • ARC 3 empowers learners to understand their respective roles in positive de-brief processes encouraging a supportive and positive workplace environment.
  • ARC 3 supports provider organisations to adopt a positive, supportive framework consistent with Positive Behavioural support Principles (PBSP).
  • ARC 3 enables people supported and staff teams to effectively reflect on behavioural incidents, promoting a culture of openness and honesty were lessons are learned and acted upon to bring about positive changes. The training focuses on breaking down negative workplace cultures and striving to reduce behavioural incidents and the use of Physical Restraint.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide staff/carers with more confidence to be open and honest about contributing factors leading to behavioural incidents.
  • Encourages managers to offer effective incident de-briefs to support staff.
  • Encourages people supported to be more involved in the incident de-brief process.
  • Supports staff and managers to ‘learn lessons’ and implement changes to reduce the likelihood of behavioural incidents in the future.
  • Provider organisations will be able to embed and demonstrate a positive and supportive culture in the workplace.

Training Delivery Methods

  • Classroom
  • Individual work
  • Group work
  • Interactive contribution
  • 1-1 case discussions


* We understand it may not be possible to release 12 learners in one session therefore we have other options that can be considered.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your training requirements.