ARC Entry Level

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 Course Title  ARC 1 – Entry level
 Price  Contact us for pricing details
 Duration  3 day
 Venue / Setting  TBC
 Minimum number of participants  12 *
 Level e.g. Awareness / Advanced  Advanced
 Certificate e.g. Certificate of Achievement  Certificate of attendance

Course Description

This 3-day course places a strong emphasis on Behavioural theory, De-escalation strategies and the principles of ‘proactive support’ ‘least restrictive/last resort’ strategies.

The course encourages learners and their employers to evaluate challenging situations with consideration to ethical and legal frameworks.

This programme enables students to use the ARC model of personal protection and safe holding techniques designed for children and adults.

The Entry level course is fully Certified by BILD Association of Certified Training as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards

Course Aims

The course aims to enable support staff to understand:

  • What is behaviour / challenging behaviour
  • How are behaviour and communication linked
  • What factors affect behaviour
  • What are the functions of behaviour
  • Considerations of good record keeping
  • Examines models such as Cycle of emotional arousal and aggressive incident model
  • Examines the legal processes and duty of care

 Learning Objectives

  • Explain the functions of behaviour
  • Have a greater understanding of aggressive incident model.
  • Understand how communication and behaviour are linked
  • Have a greater understanding of the cycle of arousal
  • Demonstrate good observation skills / record keeping
  • Have a greater awareness of Duty of Care as a paid member of staff
  • Describe behaviour and challenging behaviour
  • Have a greater understanding of legal processes

 Training Delivery Methods

  • Classroom
  • Individual work
  • Group Work

Assessment Methods

  • Practical Assessment
  • E-Learning


* We understand it may not be possible to release 12 learners in one session therefore we have other options that can be considered.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your training requirements.