August / September update

It has been an incredible August / September for B-Inspired Training and Consultants Ltd.  We delivered our first back to back Train the Trainer programmes at our headquarters in Bury. 17 participants from various regions of the country attended the six-day programme. As always, it was (remove a) great to network with the new trainers and see their progression to become (remove our and new) Affiliate ARC trainers. We have successfully delivered a bespoke entry level training course and trainer assessments in Peterborough and the Isle of Wight and completed further trainer assessments in Bury and Castleford.

Four experienced Affiliate Trainers have been recently been promoted to the position of ARC Senior Trainers.  We would like to congratulate and wish Simon, Chris, Sian and Claire well on their continuous journey with B-Inspired Training and in their future delivery of ARC training programmes.

Finally, the 27th September 2020 marked B-Inspired Training and Consultants 5th birthday.  It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, starting in Shirley’s living room before moving to a Bury Hotel foyer then to Mike’s dining room and more recently moving to our 3rd office space at Europa House at Bury Business Park. There have been lots of ups and downs along the way. We would like to send a massive thank you to all the services who initially came along with us, and a further thank you to all the new services that have joined us along the way. Its been an absolute pleasure to meet, and be involved in training you all. When everything settles down again, we will be able to celebrate fully. From the Directors of B-Inspired Training and Consultants Ltd. we would like to thank you all for your continuing commitment and support and here’s to the next 5 years. Watch this space.


Recommencement of training

Since the easing of the COVID 19 restrictions in the UK, B-Inspired Training and Consultants Ltd.  have been rolling out ARC Entry Level training programmes and bespoke training packages around the country.

As a company we must ensure the safety of all the delegates and trainers prior to starting courses. A robust recommencement plan was devised to reduce risks associated with COVID 19.  The plan included a questionnaire sent to all delegates attending courses which outlined their eligibility to attend.

The plan also ensured the training venue was safe and fit for purpose for all who were attending. We reduced the class sizes to 10 delegates to make it easier to maintain the 2-metre social distancing recommendation.  All delegates and trainers have temperature checks prior to courses commencing.  Gloves, facemasks and visors are  provided and changed during break and lunch times.

The senior trainers have been supporting one of B-Inspired’s Affiliated Training Organisations in teaching Bespoke Entry Level courses in London, Plymouth and Bristol. We have also been supporting a Specialist Service provider in Peterborough.

We have successfully recommenced our ARC 2 Train the Trainer programmes at our training office in Bury with eight delegates completing and passing their assessments during the six-day course earlier this month (August 2020).

B-Inspired Training and Consultants are running three more ARC 2 Train the Trainer courses at the end of August, October and December and have two more courses planned in 2021.

The Directors would like to thank all our Affiliated Organisations, our trainers, Bury Business Park and the delegates who have attended our training programmes  for all their patience, support and co-operation throughout these challenging times.