A great course at Vestacare

Well done to all the staff from Vestacare who attended the ARC Entry Level training course earlier this week. You all achieved a very high standard and it was great to work with you. Many thanks for all your hard work and your active involvement in the course. You all excelled in effective communication. Don’t forget to complete and return your e-learning assessments before 24th April and see you all in 12 months…..

Recent investigations by BBC File on 4

A recent programme by Radio 4’s File on 4 has shown a sharp increase in physical restraint used by staff in Mental Health units where they care for people with learning disabilities. The article discusses that the figures may be due to better reporting of incidents, however, it is concerning that there are still a high number of prone restraints being used even though the NHS has strongly suggested that they should be stopped.

Anyone attending the ARC training is taught that any restraint is the last resort and proactive measures should always be the first and most important option. The ARC model does not teach any face down restrictive practices.