“Absolutely the best course ive been on so far in my life. Amazing trainers, well put together. Can’t wait to be back”.

“The trainers were both exceptional. The course has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience”.

Nathan, Milford Dell, Isle of Wight.

“For me, I have learned how to de-escalate behaviours that challenge and where required, the use of techniques that protect ourselves and the person being supported”

“We have attended an ARC training course for the last three days. I would highly recommend B-Inspired Training. Shirley Chappel, the Senior Trainer was a font of knowledge. She tailored the course to all learners’ needs, put candidates at ease, was patient and thorough throughout. We have gained so much knowledge, skills and confidence. Thank you so much. We can’t wait to see you in August for our next course”

Lisa Haycox-O’Toole, Milford Del, Isle of Wight

“Thank you for one of the best training experiences I have had, I also speak for everyone that attended. A big thank you to Mark and Alan,  going through the journey with the Stepping Stones Services team. The knowledge that we have all gained, is going to enhance our service users further. I cannot put into words how much the training has enhanced my career, and my peers.
Once again a big thank you.”

Cindy Cragg, Service Manager, Stepping Stones Services

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent training I have received recently.
As you know, I was very wary about the training and my confidence was very low in successfully completing the training and being able to deliver it in an effective and professional manner.
The support I received off yourself and the other trainers: Mark, Mike and Alan was superb. You all took time to explain the techniques, gave me opportunity to practice them and provided constructive positive feedback which has enabled my confidence to soar.
I particularly like the fact that the training constantly reinforces the need for de-escalation and how this can be achieved at all stages during the application of techniques.
I feel I am ready to deliver training to a high standard on behalf of the B-inspired model.”

Katrina Marsden RNMH RMN BSc, Regional Clinical Lead, Thornbury Community Services.

“The training is delivered professionally and paced to ensure all learners can develop their knowledge and confidence in the theory and techniques”

“B-Inspired’s ARC Model approaches behaviours of concern in a person centred manner, is heavily focused on the understanding and prevention of behaviour and is built on a foundation of positive approaches and values towards the individual”

“Effective, un complex and decluttered techniques that work on a progressive system of implementation so that their application is logical and easier to learn and retain”

Ian Gentry RNLD, Regional Clinical Lead, Learning Disability and Autism Service

“As the owner of a business dealing with extremely challenging behaviours and complex learning disabilities. I have found this model of positive behavioural support integral to the driving force behind our 100% success rate with crisis to re-enablement placements. The after-care and support contained within it are second to none. An inspirational and insightful model delivered by inspirational people.”

Simon Weldon, Director, Domain Care North West



“During my experience as an inpatient in adolescent services, I was restrained several times. This was due to me either being aggressive towards staff, or me attempting to take my own life. Looking back at those experiences, I understand that the restraints were necessary. However, I don’t think pain inflicting methods were necessary.

A restraint is used when a person becomes distressed. It should not be used to punish someone. It’s to maintain the safety of the distressed person but also the carer/support worker. When you’re distressed or mentally ill, you don’t think about the consequences of your actions. You just go into a fight or flight mind frame. I was so desperate to kill myself, but the staff were stopping Me. So that’s why I became aggressive. Not because I wanted to hurt them, it was just a case of me being frustrated. So to inflict pain on someone who has no control over what they’re doing, seems wrong to me. Especially inflicting pain on a child/ adolescent.

I lived with people who were aged between 13-17. To see a 13 year old being put in a hold, struggling and having his/her wrists turned a bit more, to stop them struggling, isn’t a nice thing to see. That’s what I also felt. It made me feel like they didn’t care about me and just wanted to hurt me. Even though in reality, they were doing it to keep me safe. Every human has values.

This is where I believe the ARC model would be perfect for all age ranges, but in particular children/adolescents. Staff can restrain the distressed person as a last resort, but because the restraint is safe and doesn’t inflict any pain, it maintains and promotes positive relationships between the patient/service user and the carer/support worker. ”
Ben Robinson – State of Mind