Person Centred Planning

 Course Title Person Centred Approaches
 Price  Contact us for pricing details
 Duration  1 day
 Venue / Setting  TBC
 Minimum number of participants  12 *
 Level e.g. Awareness / Advanced  Awareness
 Certificate e.g. Certificate of Achievement  Certificate of attendance

Course Description The course is a one-day awareness session that introduces staff to the concepts of person centred planning and provides staff with practical examples of techniques to use when supporting someone to improve their quality of life.
Course Aims The course is designed to provide support staff with effective and positive strategies to assist a person with learning disabilities to plan their life and the support they need.
Learning Objectives 1. To introduces support staff to the concept of person centred planning

2. To provide a safe environment for support staff to practise person centred approaches

3.  To provide support staff with a range of examples to use back in the work place.

Training Delivery Methods Classroom

Individual work

Group work

*We understand it may not be possible to release 12 learners in one session therefore we have other options that can be considered.

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